Cooling Overview for AMD chipset based mainboards

Mainboards for Intel Pentium Processor should work fine. Cooling works via HALT instruction. For AMD K6-X processors all chipsets cooling and SMBUS work fine too.

The reason, why a chipsets marked as working does not work on an individual system, might be

1) The Athlon versions with a multiplier of .5 are more critical. 7.5, 8.5 are critical, 8 is uncritical. That is a documented bug from AMD

2) The hardware might not operate correctely. If you switch on the Athlon forced cooling function, the powersupply has to handle an unsteady current. In fact it raises from 1 A to 7 A in microseconds. Normal power supplys could handle that problem, but if you have a 300W powersupply, it might be the reason...

ALI Chipsets

Ali chipsets do NOT work due to a bug in the ALI hardware. I tried to implement it even with the latest revison of that chipset.

AMD Chipsets


The early revisions of that mainboard do NOT work correctely. The latest revisions work, but there is only one mainboard known so far that should work. It is the Gigabyte 7IXE4.


This chipset should work.

NVidia Chipsets

NForce 420

This chipset mostly works.


This chipset work after installation. Due to USB / PCI or other drivers cooling function is reduced

SIS Chipset


This chipset does NOT work as SIS does not send me a the requested data sheet. If there is anybody who has got that datasheet please contact me.

SIS745 and later chipsets from SIS

This chipset works!

VIA Chipset


The chipset mostly works. For the KT133 chipset you can try all additional register settings. They speed up the hard disk.


This chipset mostly works. There are two different cooling functions implemented on the mainboards. One is hardware based (EPOX, Gigabyte, MSI, Soltec), the other is only VIA chipset based (ASUS). Please use the additional Enable RAM refresh button for the ASUS chipset based mainboard. For the hardware based mainboards (EPOX, Gigabyte, MSI, Soltec) please do not enable that button as it may lead to a crash, while the ASUS boards need that button to operate correctely.


This chipset mostly works. Please use the addtional register setting -> harddisk optimization option.

KT400 and later VIA chipsets

This chipset mostly works. Please use the addtional register setting -> harddisk optimization option.