CPUFSB Download Page

CPUCooL is designed for Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP.
Size :        1050 kByte (about)
Version :   2.2.18 
Date:        20.Oct.2006

CPUFSB is no longer available! Thank you for your support!

Differences Shareware - Registrable version

The only difference between the shareware and the registrable version is that you can save the settings in the registrable version and you will not see the shareware reminders any longer. The registrable version is at a secret link. You can download it yourself from there. The link may be stable for some versions if there is no registrable version in the internet.

Registered users please ask for the link to latest the registrable version. Please include your registration email or registration number in your request. This service is free of any charge as updates are free. Only registered users please;-)

Please register CPUCooL. The registration number is the same as CPUCooL. And the price is US$ 17.95 / Euro 15  too. You could use the tool you like best. In CPUCooL the CPUFSB display is found at functions -> frontsidebus.

Revision history

2.2.0 PLLs added

2.2.1 Version number corrected, mainboards added, bug fixes

2.2.2 PLLs added, ASUS P4B added

2.2.3 Languages added, PLL's added, mainboards added, bug fixes

2.2.4 94228 PLL bug fix, PLL's added

2.2.5 PLL's added, bug fixes

2.2.6 New chipsets, new PLL's added

2.2.7 Chipsets, mainboards, PLL's added

2.2.8 ASUS ASB100 based boards working PLL's added

2.2.9 SIS chipset corrected

2.2.10 Better SIS detection, PLL's added

2.2.11 PLL's added, better handling

2.2.13 Startup setting FSB with commandline CPUFSB F1 setting the frist tray frequency, NForce2 Chipset added, AMD64 chipsets added.

2.2.14 Chipsets, PLL's and languages added

2.2.15 Chipsets and PLL's added

2.2.16 Chipsets and PLL's added, new driver included

2.2.17 Chipsets (NForce 3 /4 ATI), plls added.

2.2.18 Chipsets (intel,via...), plls added