CPUCooL Download Page

CPUCooL is designed for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32./ Win 7 (32 and 64 Bit Version)
Size :        4100 kByte (about)
Version :   8.1.0
Date:        4 Dec 2011

Standard Shareware Version

Please download CPUCooL at

CPUCooL is no longer available. No download any more!

Differences Shareware - Registrable version

The only difference between the shareware and the registrable version is that you can save the settings in the registrable version and you will not see the shareware reminders any longer. The registrable version is at a secret link. You can download it yourself from there. The link may be stable for some versions if there is no registrable version in the internet.

Registered users please ask for the link to latest the registrable version. Please include your registration email or registration number in your request. This service is free of any charge as updates are free. Only registered users please;-)

Revision history

Version 8.0.0 New Vista gadget, XP64 support

Version 8.0.1 Bug fixes (timing, Grafic cards,...)

Version 8.0.2 Bug fixes (server not working...), new NVidia Grafic card readout

Version 8.0.3 Better monitoring support, NForce5 chipset added, Vista compatilbe help F1, bug fixes

Version 8.0.4 Bug fixes (wrong frequency), better startup

Version 8.0.5 PLL's added, minor bug fixes

Version 8.0.6 PLL's and chipsets added, bug fixes

Version 8.0.7 many bugfixes, chipsets /plls added

Verision 8.0.8 PLL's added, new south bridges added

Version 8.0.9 CPU support added, PLL's added, chipsets added

Version 8.0.10 S.M.A.R.T. (harddisk) rework, CPU's added, PLL's added

Version 8.0.11 64 bit support with signed driver (Vista and Win 7) CPU's added, PLL's added

Version 8.0.12 User help deleted due to microsoft changes to help. Now Win 7 should work fine again

Version 8.0.13 New intel chipsets added

Version 8.0.14 New AMD chipsets added

Version 8.1.0 S.M.A.R.T. harddisk rework. RAID controller and USB drives now supported