Why do I see no harddisk?

There several reasons:

1) You are using a SCSI controller. Most controlles do not support sending the S.M.A.R.T. commands to the drives

2) S.M.A.R.T must be enabled in the Functions -> General menu

3) The drive must support S.M.A.R.T.

Where do I see my drives?

The drives are added to the General Popup.

What do the values say?

That depends on the harddisk manufacturer. Some codes are known, some not. The values itself are normalized, so you should see 100 when everything is ok.

I have plugged in a new USB drive. Why is it not displayed in CPUCooL?

Please restart CPUCooL, if you have plugged in an USB drive. Then you will see every S.M.A.R.T value of the drive.

FSB related

Does CPUCooL / CPUFSB support mainboard XXX?

I try to support every mainboard on the world. Where is the problem? What does not work? The only thing the mainboard choice is for is selecting a PLL. That is used for setting the FrondSideBus to increase the CPU speed. Everything else should work without this selection. If you want to set the Front Side Bus, have a look at here. There you find some help to detect the PLL. If you have found it, please give me a short e-mail with the mainboard manufacturer, the mainboard type and the PLL. I will then add it to my list.

My computer always crashes if I try to change my FSB!

That is normal for some PLL's. Not every frequency works. You must check the frequencies first before you put the frequencies to the tray menue or to the start/stop settings. Some PLL's could not switch a single bit online, on some PLL's you change the SDRAM timing as well. And there are limits for the speed of the SMBus. So you might start at 66 MHz and you could change to a higher frequency. But when you are at the higher frequency you could not change back due to the speed limit of the SMBus.

My computer always shows the wrong frequency when I press the Get Frequency button!

That is normal. Set the frequency first and you could read the frequency out. That is because the PLL does not respond with the correct values when they are not set

My computer has a Winbond W83977 EF / W83627HF PLL. Is this supported?

No, this IC would never be supported as it is not a PLL but a floppy / peripherials controller. Have a look at PLL find section to find the correct PLL

CPUFSB has detected the 9148-04 PLL. This is not working!

There is not build in PLL detection in CPUFSB. The PLL above is the first PLL I have added to the list. There is no way to detect PLL's but having a look at the PLL find page.

CPUFSB only gives the error message "Your PLL is a write only PLL ...".

This is a normal message, no error. There are some PLL's you could only write to. The PLL manufacturer does not implement the read back functionality to save money. But what do you want? Mainly you want to set the new frequency and that should without any further error, as this is a write operation to the PLL. There is not read necessary.

I only find the W211H PLL on my mainboard. It is supported?

Yes, I drop the last letter, as this is only tha packaging info. So W211 would be the PLL you desire. That is not only for the W211 but for all PLL's!

But there is only a W211 A and W211 B in your list?

The W211 is a write only PLL. So I could not detect the state of one output. That may vary from mainboard to mainboard. So I implemented two PLL's for one device. You have to check out, which PLL is working. Mostly that output is not used. So both PLL's are working.

My PLL is from IC Works (IMI). Is it not listed?

IC Works was bought by cypress. I have put all PLL's into the cypress section.

My PLL has 3 settings for 100 MHz, with 33.2 MHz, 33.3 MHz and 33.4 MHz PCI Bus frequency. Which one should I take?

As a matter of fact there is in reality only one PCI bus frequency, the 33.3 MHz for the 100 MHz setting. The difference ist the SDRAM speed. With the lowest PCI bus frequency comes the lowest SDRAM frequency. With the highest PCI bus frequency comes the highest SDRAM frequency. So there is always the same 33.3 MHz PCI bus frequeny but there are differnt SDRAM speeds. And not all SDRAM speeds might work with your system.

Cooling related

I have sound problems when the Forced Athlon cooling is working

Try every item of the current version. Some user report that when you set a value of 12 for "Faire CPU/PCI priority, PCIBusMaster" then the problems work away. For KT266/333/400/600/880 chipsets please use harddisk optimization!


Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP taskmanager shows 100% usage!

CPUCooL takes all unused time for cooling. It is working at idle priority, it only takes the time not used by any other program. You are not disturbed. But the task manager does not know that. He thinks that the CPU is working in CPUCooL. So I display the correct CPU usage in CPUCooL myself. If you have a double processor system both CPU's are cooled and I show two separate usages of the CPU's.  

Monitoring related

The voltages I see are wrong

Every mainboard manufacturer has its own way to connect the voltages to the monitoring IC. There are no standards for that.  

Install / Uninstall

After installing a new version of CPUCooL I see that I still have the old version

Please uninstall CPUCooL before installing a new version. Or the minimum is to shut down CPUCooL before installing a new version.

How do I uninstall CPUCooL

Like every other good software. Click Start -> Settings -> Software and there will be an entry of CPUCooL.

After uninstalling there is a server running (Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP)

That is a bug in the install shield. Please run killsrv.exe to stop that server.